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Pressluftapparat SCBA

Buskerud Brannservice AS, din SafetyShop leverer pressluftapparat til ditt behov.

The use of SCBAs in emergency service and industrial applications are wide ranging and our customers demand versatility in their equipment. That’s why MSA breathing apparatus systems are completely customisable to meet every application and budget. You can build your SCBA system exactly the way you need it. Based on decades of experience, we offer four SCBA presets – configured systems for the most common applications.
All MSA premium components are designed for long life and low maintenance. They offer exceptional value through reduced total cost of ownership. Since MSA industrial SCBA components are the same as those used for firefighting, they are EN 137: 2006 approved and meet the tough class 2 requirements to withstand high temperatures, flames and rough handling. All components are also intrinsically safe and ATEX approved for zone 0 environments.

Preset: AirGo pro
Its rugged reliability, flexibility and great value make it a popular choice for plant, sub-surface and offshore use, professional, volunteer, military and industrial brigades. Weight is distributed evenly and kept close to your body to reduce stress and fatigue. Industrial workers and fire service personnel around the world who are looking for high quality, solid reliability and comfort use AirGo pro for their respiratory protection.


Preset: AirMaXX
The AirMaXX SCBA preset combines premium ergonomic features with advanced technology to provide the best experience in SCBA wearability available today. The ergonomically designed and optimally balanced AirMaXX backplate is adjustable to fit all body sizes. This works in conjunction with the premium S-swing shoulder pads and swivelling hip belt to distribute weight evenly while increasing freedom of movement.


Preset: AirGo compact
The AirGo compact SCBA preset is specifically designed for emergency response and escape. On ships or industry facilities where such units are mandatory, the AirGo compact is an obvious choice. The no-frills system keeps costs at a minimum without sacrificing safety. The lung governed demand valve AutoMaXX-AS is fixed to the medium pressure line.



Preset: eXXtreme
The eXXtreme preset utilizes special materials to reducemaintenance and cost of ownership of critical components that would otherwise require frequent replacement in such extreme applications. The harness ismade fromextra heavy duty and nonflammable aramid fibres. The air line is protected fromfire and heat by insulating tunnels on the shoulder pads.
Trainers and others who work in repeated high-heat and flame circumstances choose eXXtreme.




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